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The Everglades Foundation is announcing a new digital exhibit of ‘The River of Grass’ created for the UNESCO World Heritage Collection on the Google Arts and Culture platform.

The project, launched during the 50th Anniversary of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention and the 75th Anniversary of Everglades National Park, showcases images by 18-year-old nature photographer Luca Martinez along with captions highlighting the intricate history and ecology of the Everglades ecosystem.

The online UNESCO World Heritage Everglades Exhibit was created “to expose people to the singular beauty of the Everglades, its functions, and restoration efforts,” said The Everglades Foundation’s Director of Communications Begoñe Cazalis, who curated the exhibit with The Everglades Foundation science team and Martinez.

A senior at Palmer Trinity School in Palmetto Bay, Florida, Luca Martinez has garnered more than 880,000 followers on Tik Tok and over 200,000 on Instagram with his impressive underwater videos and photography of the Everglades ecosystem.

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